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Website Updates

Is it time that your website had an update?

Fresh Content + Fresh Design = Fresh Business

The importance of keeping a website up to date cannot be overstated. There are technical reasons for keeping up to date - for example ensuring that your website works with the latest browser technologies, programming languages and operating systems. Then there is your search ranking to consider. The vast majority of people will find your website through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. The major search engines, including Google, now has a 'recency' factor - which means that one of the aspects relating to how high up your website appears in the search rankings is how recently new content was added and older content updated.

There are equally, non technical aspects to consider. The next worst thing to a business having no website is a business with an out of date website. Your businesses reputation is damaged every time a customer rings up to enquire about an offer you are no longer running or a product you no longer stock.

Keep ahead of your competitors and keep up with your customers with a website update that could cost you as little as £50!