Website Maintenance

Just like cars, websites need to be maintained. Things change over time - browsers, technologies and operating systems just to name a few. The dangers of not keeping your website maintained properly range from simple failure of visual effects to more complex and severe loss of functionality.

Internet users don't visit websites that don't work. Think about what your average customer spends. For every minute a website is not working properly, your potentially losing a massive amount of money, when keeping your website maintained costs only a small fraction of the pontential losses to your visitor numbers and customers.

With website maintenance packages starting at just £75, there's never been a better time to ensure that your website is in tip top condition.

Still not sure? Take a look at some of the potential consquences of a poorly maintained website...


Price Comparison Website - Multiple Errors


This is a price comparison website. There are lots of price comparison websites on the Internet these days, so it is a competative market. They make their money by earning commission from the companies included on their website and by advertising shown to visitors.


On this site, due to lack of maintenance, the comparison feature no longer works - no matter what is entered into the text fields, there is always an error shown. The primary and critical functionality of this website is now disabled, which also means that the primary source of income is also disabled.


In addition, secure pages are loading insecure content resulting in web browsers displaying messages which will worry users and put them off using this website.


Finally, a website containing errors is a bad advert for your business and will lose you custom as people look to your competitors to provide a working solution. Poor website maintenance damages your reputation.


Page Ranking Website - Errors

This is a website that performs checks on websites specified by the user and checks their current Google PageRank.


After entering the URL you have to enter the CAPTCHA code - the image however, fails to show and the alternative "click here" link is invalid, rendering the primary functionality of the website useless.


In addition, other images on the website fail to load, such as the logo - one of the most critical images on a website.

This leads to multiple problems including loss of visitors and loss of reputation.